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February 18, 2018

Why Do Different Countries Use Different Power Plugs and Sockets?

Why do different countries use different power plugs and sockets? All of the plugs do the same thing after all, right? They charge our devices and allow us to use what needs constant electricity. You are here because you are wondering why the heck can we just not have one simple plug that works worldwide? Obviously so we can sell our travel adapter, right? Actually no, it more so relates to electricity actually being used for so long.

Standards Didn't Matter

Electricity isn't some new invention. It isn't even from the last century. Well, actually electricity as it is isn't even a human invention, it has been here before us. And it's in us. Instead of creating it, we merely discovered how to create it and distribute it, and that was before the start of the 20th century. And we are in the 21st century now. Planes weren't even invented. Abraham Lincoln has only been assassinated less than 20 years before this happened. 

Back so long ago, people didn't travel as often as we do. If you took a trip, it was most likely because you were moving to a different country. It didn't matter what voltage or plug was used as long as it worked. People didn't care about whether the Americans used the same plug as the Europeans as it didn't really matter. The fact that something worked at all was what mattered. 

Give somebody a pen. Tell them to write a story on a certain theme. Tell them to design a house. Frankly, it doesn't matter what it is. The result matters though. And the result will always be different. It would take an enormous amount tries for somebody to re-create a design that was already made by somebody if they didn't see it before. 

The lack of care about standards from the very beginning led to many different variations of plugs. And technology wasn't there either to spread standards. Perhaps if the internet were around back, then we all probably would be using the same plugs.

Of course, talks about standards did happen. The International Electrotechnical Commission did make efforts to change it, but then the World War 2 began.

Will We Ever See a Universal Plug?

USB ports are universal. Plugs though? It just wouldn't work. It would take an enormous investment to swap out everything that's already built to have one standard. And that's perhaps why different countries will continue to use different power plugs and sockets for a very long time.

So what's the solution to this whole plug problem if you want to travel?

A Travel Adapter

You go to a shop, and you see travel adapters. Plenty of them. You buy them all. I mean, if you want to travel around the world, you will have to. There's no other way. You will end up spending a fortune on adapters that will most likely stop working in the near future. And let's not even talk about how much space they will take.

We at Zendure came up with a solution to this problem. Our Passport Global Travel Adapter comes with an auto-resetting fuse. On standard adapters, once a fuse was gone, that was it for that adapter, and when it comes to adapters, fuse problems are common.

The problem with travel adapters is that if you are going to the US and have products from the UK and the rest of Europe, you will need two different adapters. With the Passport Travel Adapter, it doesn't matter what you are trying to plug in and where. Take it to more than 150 countries, and it will work. And of course, who has time for several adapters, we also include four-USB ports.


The lack of easily accessible information combined with the fact that travel wasn't common in a world where people were only seeing electricity for the first time led to a large variety of different plugs. That's what happens when several people design something.

Most likely nothing will change in the future. Why would somebody remove what's working already? That means that sooner or later you will more than likely need an adapter.  

Written by Michael Smolski.


February 13, 2018

Handy Tech Under $100 That Will Make Your Life Better in 2018

There’s some innovative tech. There’s some gimmick tech. This post? It’s about handy tech under $100. There’s a lot of useless tech out there that is great to have to be cool, but there’s some tech that you actually need and that will make your life better.

A Portable Hard Drive

It wasn't so long ago where Apple was still selling 16GB versions of their phones. That's not enough for most people's Spotify accounts. And what about the pictures? What about the offline content? Wait. Do you want apps too? Perhaps you want to save Netflix shows. Sooner or later you will have to transfer your images and videos to have space. And that's whether you use a laptop or a phone. You could perhaps put them on your computer at home but what if you need to access a picture when traveling? That's where portable hard drives come in.

We didn't find a way to make data smaller. Instead, we found ways to make storage cheaper.

WD provides My Passport hard drives at just under $80 for 2TB. And something like 2TB will last you for several trips. It's definitely one of the best pieces of handy tech under $100 that you could own.

But storage is not the only thing that hard drives offer. There's plenty of hard drives that allow for SD-cards to be put into them. That's a great option for people recording with cameras. There are also drives that allow you to upload things to the cloud or act like a cloud. It's easier to access content from these with your phone.

Regardless of what kind of hard drive you choose, having one will make your life easier.

A Portable Charger

Your phone. Your laptop. Your camera. If you put in several hours into work each day, your device will die. If you play games on the airplane, your device will die. Do you want to watch movies? Your device will die.

This is the most important piece of handy tech under $100. EVER. Every year we are marking more powerful devices. Every year we try to improve batteries too. But these improvements would only matter if we didn't make devices more powerful. Instead, every year battery life remains basically the same. That's why portable chargers are needed.

Zendure makes portable chargers that will allow you to do whatever you want to do wherever you want to. Our A8 QC comes with enough power to keep your phone alive for days with its 26,800 mAh. It's also incredibly quick with Qualcomm QC 3.0. And there's even an LED display so that you know exactly how much battery you have rather than having to guess. The four outputs provided on this device will allow you to charge several devices at once. Who only has one device to charge after all?

And it's under $100.

A Passport Global Travel Adapter

You won't know you need it until you need it. You knowing about this now will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Go to a different country. Realize that the sockets there differ. Buy 5 adapters for your devices that you need to charge. Go to a different country again. Once again realize that you need to buy 5 adapters. And if the fuse breaks, even more.

The Passport Global Travel Adapter supports all major socket types in just one device and comes with 4 USB ports. At the end of the day, that's what you need the most, USB ports. Most devices you own that need to be charged can be charged with a USB cable.

If you are planning to travel, get yourself one of these. It's a crucial piece of handy tech under $100 when it comes to traveling to different countries.


These are 3 pieces of handy tech under $100 that will make your life better in 2018. Technology is only great if it helps. These 3 items help in this digital era.

Written by Michael Smolski.    

February 08, 2018

Essentials for the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea

There’s a reason behind Winter Olympic Games never being in the UK or Ireland but often welcoming in Canada, the US, and Russia. Winter Olympics require a proper winter. Snow in the UK is random. Winter Olympics cannot have "random." They require a proper winter. And winter requires something that people don't wear in Winter. Watching the Olympics also requires a few essentials. 

But this post isn't about all of the essentials for Winter Olympics but about the forgotten essentials that people often forget.


Sunglasses aren't only for winter.

Just because it isn't warm doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sunglasses. Winter can do plenty of damage to your eyes. Sun in winter can actually do far much more damage to you than in summer due to the sun being at a different angle and also being lower in the sky.

Lack of sunglasses can cause snow blindness which basically means you sunburned your eyes. The problem with snow is that it's reflective and up to 85% of sun's UV rays are reflected according to the Vision Council of America.

Your Cornea can be damaged and leave you not seeing correctly for even a full week, and that's almost half of the Olympics games. And in the long-term, it can leave you with more severe damage.

Sunglasses are one of the essentials for the Winter Olympics in South Korea as you will more likely see blue skies and snow.

An Adapter

If you are traveling from the UK or the US, you will not be able to charge anything that you bring with you unless you have an adapter. Our Passport Global Travel Adapter is like a passport for your devices. It allows your devices to work anywhere. It supports all major plugs in the world meaning that if you are going to South Korea from the US through the UK, you will be able to charge all of you devices in all these places with just this one adapter. And it has four USB ports.

A Portable Charger

You will be filming and taking pictures at the Winter Olympics, right? You probably do it at ordinary events. Winter Olympics happen every four years. It's a rare event.

Our phone's do not do an incredible job when it comes to keeping battery. 

If you want to record, if you want to take pictures, and then party at night and take even more pictures, you need a portable charger. Especially when you are in a country where not everybody speaks English. You might need to use Google Maps to get home or perhaps you want to feel safe knowing you can call somebody if needed.

Our new A3TC USB-C power bank is perfect for keeping your phone charged while staying in your pocket. With its 10,000 mAh, it can charge most phones 3-4 times, and it can survive almost anything, even getting run over by a Sedan. And it's future proof with a USB-C output and input port which makes for easier charging of new laptops. And if needed, a standard USB port is present too.


Glasses will keep you safe. Having your devices charged because of an adapter and a portable charger will keep you safe. Having your devices charged will allow you to record footage that you can take only once in every four years. Technology improved enormously in the last four years giving you a chance to get much better content this time. Batteries haven't got much better though. That's why these are essentials for the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.


Written by Michael Smolski. 

February 03, 2018

What Do You Need for a Road Trip in 2018 - Car Essentials

You are searching for things you need for a road trip in 2018 because you know that while it's great to "pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shootin' stars" flying on an airplane does not compare to road trips. Planes are great for getting from A to B in the fastest matter possible, but you can't see what you see from the road in the sky. You can't experience the local culture and people by flying. Not on the same level that a road trip can provide anyway.

Not including the cliche, there are a few things you need for a road trip in 2018 when it comes to being in the car.


Trips don't suck due to bad locations or bad weather. That might be the excuse, but the reality is that it's never the places or the weather but the people that make a trip great or awful. And most people never meet any people when traveling. They are stuck with their friends. That's a mistake. 

But this is not a simple topic on a road trip.

On an airplane, there will almost always be somebody besides you that you can talk to. On a road trip, if there's nobody in the car then that's it unless you pick up a hitchhiker which you totally should by the way. Roads trip alone can be great, but they are a lot better when you have somebody in the car.

So take your friends with you, or perhaps somebody that you know a little bit and that wants to go on a road trip too. Road trips can be great for bonding.

And if you are alone, talk with people on your stops, perhaps you'll find a companion. People are looking to travel, and for means to do so, it could be a win-win situation.

And if you do have friends, still talk to people. It's the people you meet that make a trip great.

The Right Music

Everybody loves music and while talking is great, singing with friends is even better. There’s not a single person on this planet that hates music. Except when bad music is on.  Radios are incredibly good at playing bad music. They are definitely not what you need for a road trip in 2018. CD players so? Yeah, most cars still use them. The problem is that most people don't use CD's too much anymore.

Everybody has the likes of Spotify though. Most cars don't support it. Unless you have a brand new car of course. Almost every car has a headphone jack though. Get yourself an AUX cable and connect your phone or perhaps a Mighty which is like an MP3 player but with Spotify songs and you have a solution to your music problems.

And yes, an AUX player is the cable that goes into headphone jacks.

Listening to music you want can make your trip a lot more fun.


No, not the TV show staring 50 Cent.

You know, people are great. Music is great. But we want to check our Instagram. We want to send a few Snapchats. We want to play some Nintendo Switch games. Or perhaps we simply want to use Google Maps as drivers. Either way, energy and our devices aren't great at lasting too long.

And if you have an older car, you might be in trouble. We all need power. Your friend at the back. Your friend in the front. Sure, perhaps you have one USB port. You could get an adapter that converts one USB port into four but the chances are those charges will be slow. That's if you even have that USB port.

That's where power banks come in. Zendure A8 QC for example. 26,800 mAh will give charge any of your devices several times, but the goal is to charge several devices at once, and that's what the A8 QC can do. It comes with four charging ports. And it has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which means your devices will charge pretty quick meaning that if you have many devices, you will be able to charge a lot of them much quicker.

If you aren't planning a road trip until after April, perhaps you should consider our upcoming release, the X6. It's the most versatile USB-C PD power bank every made. Is designed to charge devices at their maximum speed charge and comes with 5 ports including a USB-C port which is great for charging new laptops. We have a full post about it, make sure to read it.


There are several things you need for a road trip in 2018 but these 3 things will make your car ride so much better during your road trip. 

Written by Michael Smolski.

January 30, 2018

3 Tips to Instantly Be More Productive Working from Home

Wouldn't it be great if you could instantly be more productive working from home? If you could work those 2 hours less and get as much work done and thus spend more time with your family? 

How is it that we all have 86,400 seconds in our day yet some accomplish so much more than others? Many factors play a role of course, sure, having bad internet will slow you down. Same with a bad computer. But mostly, it goes down to your productivity, and here are 3 tips to instantly be more productive working from home. Or perhaps from sombody's home if you are using exchange services such as GuestToGuest.

It looks great in theory. The fact that you can work from the comfort of your own desk and mostly start whenever. Until you don't  get enough done because you were either to unproductive to get enough work done or you procrastinated. With already 1 in 5 Americans being able to work from home, productivity problems will impact more and more people. Therefore, it's vital to know how to stay productive.

Wear the Right Clothing

Wait? I thought I was reading a post with 3 tips to instantly be more productive working from home? Absolutely.

If I don't wear clothing that I could consider work clothing, I can't get half of the work I get done when I do wear clothing that I would consider workable clothing.

Clothing matters. 

But don't take this from me. Take this from studies.

Studies show that our brains symbolize things.

You watch TV or play a game in your pajamas? Eventually, your brain will start to symbolize pajamas with those things. Now, you can get work in pajamas done, but most people will find that they will work better with a specific style of clothing for work that does not relate to activities such as watching TV.

Of course, if you don't watch TV while wearing pajamas and actually always worked with pajamas then you are more likely to work better with pajamas. It's all about what you did in the past.

Plan or Don't

Many people get confused and follow what everybody says and actually performs worse because of it.

Just about everybody will tell you that you need to have a damn plan! "YOU NEED IT! HOW ARE YOU MEANT TO GET THINGS DONE OTHERWISE?"

Okay, yes, you should set goals of what you plan to accomplish in a day but having a plan with a specific timeline might make you less productive. Or not.

Planning isn't the only way, but yet people see it that way.

Gretchen Rubin discussed it in her book about the four tendencies of people that some work better without having that deadline that planning might bring.

"Rebels want to do tasks in their own time, and if someone pushes them to hurry, they're likely to resist even more."

Some people work better with a to-do list when they can do whatever they want when they want. And some absolutely suck at that and work better when they have plenty of details in front of them.

"Works for most people" doesn't work for all people. Just because everybody sees it as the right way does not make it the right way. It's whatever works for you.

You need to figure that "what" out if you really want to take your productivity to your next level. That's why you are here, right? 

Try things out. Take notes on results. Perhaps you already feel like something has worked for you, but you stopped because somebody told you studies show x way is better. Figure it out and apply it.

"The most important thing is to know ourselves, and to choose the habit strategies that work for us." - Gretchen Rubin

Be Flexible

Technology allows us to work from anywhere. You as somebody that can work from home can work from anywhere. Bus. Airplane. Train. It doesn't matter where but what matters is that you can.

When you are productive, you maximize time. Most of us waste time when we are on a means of transport. What if you used that time for work? That 5-minute draft that you wrote on a bus could result in you have an idea of what you need to write before you get home.

Technology allows us to work from anywhere. 

So why aren't you? You have that advantage that people didn't have not so long ago.

Is it because your phone won't last on the plane and therefore you won't be able to show your e-ticket?

Of course, if your phone wouldn't die then you wouldn't really be working. Phones suck at staying alive during the day. Portable chargers are a must for work outside of your home. If you are looking for some serious work, get our A8 QC, it comes with 26,000 mAh that should fill your needs for several days if needed. And it charges extremely quick with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. If that's not what you are looking for, we have some smaller devices on our site too. The A5, A3TC, and the A2

Written by Michael Smolski.

January 22, 2018

How to Make Time Pass Quicker on a Bus in 2018

Buses can get you to much more places than airplanes will ever do. Yet, bus journeys are much longer. Time passes slow. And it's even harder to make time pass quicker on a bus if it's terrible. You will most often run out of things to do. Now, big companies such as Flixbus provide Wi-Fi and sockets on their buses which allows you to make time pass quicker. But Wi-Fi sockets or not, there are many tricks to make time pass quicker on a bus.

If You like Games, Play on a Nintendo Switch

If you love games, there's no better way to make time pass quicker on a bus than by playing games. But not many consoles are produced today. PSP used to be big, but it isn't anymore. Nintendo Switch is portable, and it has become a big phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry. Phones are great, but phones still don't provide the experience that physical buttons or a bigger screen does. And the games aren't on the level that the Switch provides either.

Nintendo Switch is portable. It has great games. It's also great for playing with friends. Time will fly ridiculously faster if you have one of those. And if you are traveling with a friend, play with him or her. Or challenge somebody near you. That will add to the fun and make time pass even faster.

Watch Something on Your Phone

The Switch is great for games but not so great for movies as the high screen resolution is just not there. But another way to make time pass quicker on a bus is by watching a movie. Flixbus and such has Wi-Fi so you will be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. But you don't even need Wi-Fi in most cases. Netflix allows you to download movies and shows in advance to watch offline.

Work on your laptop

If you are in any creative industry, have some blog, do anything creative anything, working on a bus is great.  Not including bus noise, buses are an extremely quiet environment. Put some earbuds on, and the external sound is gone. 

You could also work on your phone if that works. But while it works for social media, for most stuff, it doesn't. A phone automatically gets cut in half once the virtual keyboard pops up.

Wi-Fi will be needed for a lot of work, but it's all about preparing for offline work if it's not there.

These Will Only Work With Power

Your Nintendo is great, but it will die after several hours. Your phone will most certainly die. The battery on phones goes out even when you don't use it sometimes. Your laptop? If it's good and relatively new, it might last. If not, it probably will not.

Now a lot of buses do have sockets these days, even USB cables. Flixbus has sockets in all of their buses for instance. But it's not whether there are sockets or not in a bus that matters. It's whether they work. And a lot of companies don't provide working sockets.


Now, if you happen to stumble upon a bus that has a working socket, great. Until you realize that the bus has a different socket than you have. Zendure Passport Travel Adapter will solve your issue. Why should you have to buy an adapter for every trip if you could just have one for all? That's what Passport is. It's a universal adapter for all major socket types in the world. If you need to charge your devices and don't the right cables, Passport will help you.

But what if the sockets don't work which happens more often than not? 

Perhaps You Need a Power Bank

These aren't just useful for buses. They matter when it comes to tall travel. What if your e-ticket can't be shown to the driver because your phone is out of battery?

Our A8 QC offers 26,800 mAh of juice which will charge your laptop once. It will also charge your phone several times. If you are traveling on a bus for more than a day and don't have sockets, the A8 QC is a perfect choice. It also comes with Qualcomm Charge 3.0 meaning your devices will charge super fast.

If you aren't taking any major bus journeys until April, you can get our new X6. The most versatile USB-C power bank ever made. 20,000 mAh, but what's so cool about it is that it will charge your latest devices at the fastest charging speeds possible. Your Nintendo Switch can be charged fully in 100 minutes for example. You can charge your AirPods 37.6 times if you use it. And they will not break due to much power coming into them since X6 comes with X-Charge™ that charges low-power devices with less power. There's a post about all of its features on this blog, check it out


Bus journeys can be boring. Buses do however allow you to get to more places and often at a cheaper cost. You have 3 options. Game. Watch. Work. Apply one of these and keep your devices charged, and your bus journey will pass quicker. 

But there's also a fourth thing that you can do. Simply talk to whoever sits beside you. And that's generally a great way to make a friend too as that person is likely to be going to the same location as you.

Written by Michael Smolski

January 15, 2018

How to Be Comfortable When Flying With Ryanair - Flight Essentials for 2018

Ryanair is one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe. Their tickets are sometimes cheaper than a price of a Starbucks, and they have flights to most European destinations. But while they offer great pricing, it’s hard to find somebody that ever felt comfortable when flying with Ryanair. An ugly yellow seat with a color that resembles 2005. A big emergency poster is staring at you all the time. A not too great airflow. It’s not an experience. It’s simply getting from A to B. But just because nobody feels comfortable when flying with Ryanair doesn't mean that you can't.


What are the flight essentials when flying with them?

The Emergency Seat

You know this that you have called legs? They don't really fit anywhere on Ryanair flights. Maybe they forgot you have them. Unless you sit in the emergency seat, you will have no room for your legs. And it's not that room would be there if it wasn't for a legal requirement that requires emergency exits to be extra wide. 

You can pay for an emergency seat which will sometimes be more expensive than your ticket or you can try a clever trick.


If you don't check-in for your flight until four or five hours before your flight, you will be left with the best seats unless they are all sold out. Here's what happens with Ryanair. The best seats are given away first if you choose random seat allocation. The better seats such as the window seats and emergency seats are left for last because they are better and can make more money. I mean, who would pay for a bad seat?

If a flight is sold out and all the bad seats are given away, you can only get a good seat, right?

Whether you buy it or get it by waiting, the emergency seat has the most space. Space that’s needed if you want to be comfortable when flying with Ryanair. You can barely even open a laptop without it.

 Get Earbuds


Emergency seats are beside where the engines are. And the noise coming from them is pretty hard to ignore. Our ears just can't do it. If you can hear planes on the ground when they are several miles in the air, then imagine being close to an engine.

Earbuds companies such as Jabra can make a difference in removing that noise. Whether by noise canceling or by you playing sounds of birds. Or perhaps simply listening to a podcast. Either way, earbuds make a big difference on a flight, and wireless earbuds make even more of it. You don't want to play a tangling game on a seat with little space unless you are that bored.

A Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

The seats on Ryanair provide no comfort at all. They especially aren’t great for sleep. If you want your neck to be comfortable when flying with Ryanair, get a travel pillow. Your neck will thank you for it. While you can survive a 50-minute fly without one, 2 or 3-hour flights can cause you a lot of neck pain.

And if you get yourself something similar to that on the picture, it doubles down as a scarf. 

A Power Bank

Ryanair doesn’t offer Wi-Fi on their flights.That will save you power on your devices. It also means that you can’t work which totally sucks. They also don’t offer any entertainment unless you consider the scratch cards they offer. But the likes of Netflix offer offline movies and TV shows. If you have your earbuds, it’s a great way to pass the time.

But phones and battery life don’t work.

While no Wi-Fi on Ryanair will save you energy on your device, there are no USB sockets either. Something that some of the other airlines offer. Even a lot of buses do too. Imagine having to catch the second flight after this flight and your phone being dead resulting in you not being able to open your e-ticket? Do you want to pay a fee? You will have to with Ryanair.

And phones sometimes drain battery for no reason at all.

You need a power bank.

If you are looking for a device that will charge your device at a full speed while you are using it and that provides enough power that it just about passes airline requirements, but also want to only charge your phone on the flight and be finished after, then the Zendure A8 QC might a perfect choice. It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which means that if you are on a 50-minute flight, and already have some percentage, your phone will charge fully. It’s all powerful enough to charge your laptop with its massive capacity, that, and it will still probably have some juice left after.

Be Comfortable When Flying With Ryanair

You can be uncomfortable. You can also try to make the best of it and make yourself feel much better. If you have power, a nice source of music, more space, and a non-hurting neck.

Written by Michael Smolski.

January 07, 2018

2 Things to Consider Before Buying a Power Bank in 2018

Before buying a power bank, you need to consider a few things. Would you buy a Ferrari to drive it in the mountains? Would you buy an old Nokia to take pictures? Would you buy an HD TV to watch 4K content? Just because something is the thing that you need doesn't mean that it's the thing that you need. Every power bank won't work for your needs, know that before buying a power bank.

Ask Yourself 2 Things:

Is Time Money to You?

If so, are you willing to pay extra to get quicker charging that most of the modern chargers provide? Or are you looking to limit your spending and are perfectly okay without having features such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0? Perhaps you are on a budget and are looking at the cheapest product that delivers the most power. Depending on what you value more, the product you need will differ. 

Zendure A2 is tiny. It will fit in your pocket. It will charge an average iPhone 3 times and an average Android twice. It’s cheap with a price point of less than $30. Zendure A1 is even cheaper. It costs just under $15.  It will charge your phone once. Looking for more juice on a budget? A3 costs under $40. Looking for something that can charge your iPhone about 8 times? Zendure A5 will do that for under $55. 

But perhaps the time is of value to you, and you are looking for something with power and fast charging? A8 QC should be your choice so! It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and with 26,000 mAh battery that will fulfill all of your needs, whether camping for few days or whether you need to charge your laptop. You can charge your iPhone 6s 9 times with it.  

What Are Your Needs?

Are you looking for space or are you looking for power? Will you need something that can charge your laptop too? Perhaps you want to charge many devices at once. Before buying a power bank, you need to consider this.

Now, Zendure devices come with crush proof material. Dual-injection molding and a shock absorbing central belt make it one of the most durable devices on the market. So whether climbing or on an airplane, Zendure has you covered regardless of what model you choose.

Where are you going? Are you going on a date, short day trip or on the weekend adventure? That’s what you have to ask yourself.

On a date? You won’t have a backpack. You only have a certain amount of space. Zendure A1 and A2 fit into pockets without being noticed at all. A short day trip? That sounds like the A3. A two-day trip or a laptop and phone to charge during the day? A5 is a perfect choice. A weekend trip or four devices to charge? A8 QC without a doubt. 


You can't use a Fiat engine to power a Ferrari, just like you can't use the A1 to power your laptop. Depending on your situation, you will need a different device. Chose wisely, or have them all.

Written by Michael Smolski.

January 02, 2018

What Do You Need for a Concert in 2018

Yes. Let me guess. You got some concert tickets for Christmas. Concerts are great, but most of us don't go to concerts too often and thus most of us don't know what we need for a concert. And you do need a few things for optimum experience.

A Plan

Unless you live in an area where the concert is, you need a plan. As if a show finishes slightly too late and buses don’t go to your area anymore, then you are in trouble.

But most concerts finish late even if they don't go overtime. And don't forget that you also need to walk out after a concert. That takes time too. 

If you know you might be in trouble, ask a friend that lives nearby if you can stay in his or her home. Otherwise, book a cheap hostel or hotel for the night. It’s better to do that than to have to overpay if you want to buy one after your concert.

A Portable Charger

Name a human being that goes to a concert and does not take pictures and videos at a concert. If you aren’t then you, probably don’t have a smartphone and don’t need one.

You want to use Snapchat. You want to use Instagram. You also want to take videos with the camera app. All of that takes a battery that your phone does not have.


Our Zendure A2 and A3 might be a great option for you when it comes to concerts. Zendure A2 should charge your iPhone 3 times and most of the Android phones 2 times. It’s perfect if you are looking for portability. 

Now, A3 comes with a bit more juice. A2 has 6,7000 mAh while A3 has 10,000 mAh meaning that you will be able to charge your phone about 4 times with it, or most Android phones 3 times. That should be more than you or your friend will need during one night.

If you fail to keep your phone alive, you might not be able to look at where you need to go. You might not be able to stay safe if you are in a dangerous situation. Phones are necessary.


The Right Clothing


Outside concert in winter? Don’t bring just a light jumper because it looks cool. A concert inside? Don’t bring something you will be too warm in and won’t be able to enjoy yourself.

A long journey to the concert? Don’t bring jeans that are too skinny because you will feel incredibly uncomfortable if you want to dance or such. Is it raining? Bring something good for the rain. Including boots.

You decide bring clothing without zippers? Your items might be stolen.

The right clothing is one of the things you need for a concert. Fail on it, and you concert experience might suffer.


You need a portable charger to stay safe. You need the right clothing to be comfortable. You need a plan to be able to sleep that night.

Written by Michael Smolski.

December 24, 2017

Best Power Bank to Buy in 2018

You finally decided to buy a power bank in 2018. The question? What is the best power bank to buy? There are many different devices. There are many different features. The truth? There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best power bank to buy in 2018? It depends on what you are looking for.

Best Power Banks

You might need something small. You might need something for a weekend trip. Depending on your needs, the product will differ. Luckily, once you know what you need, this post will help you choose the right power bank to buy in 2018.

Best Power Bank to Buy in 2018 If You Have a Pocket Full of Other Things

You are going somewhere near. You aren't bringing your backpack. Everything is in your pocket. You are looking something that will take the least possible space possible but will provide you with enough charge, and that won't get damaged in your pocket. That's what the A1 and A2 power bank will do. 

Best Power Banks

The A1 is a device that will fit in your pocket even if they are almost fully full. It won't charge your phone several times, but it's perfect for those short trips that take up to 6 hours. Especially if your phone is at around 20% after just 4 hours of use. It comes with 3,350 mAh, and that will charge most phones fully once. Including all of the iPhones.

If you have a phone with a bigger battery but want to still have something portable then the Zendure A2 comes with 6,700 mAh, it's still small, but comes with more power.

Best Power Bank to Buy in 2018 for a Day Trip

You are going on a trip. You will be gone more than 7 hours. Or you are going to a concert and are planning to take plenty of videos. It doesn't matter what you choose to do. How long you do it does. If you are gone most of the day, A1 or A2 might not last you. That's simply because phones love to go out of battery. If you know you will need to charge your phone at least twice, try using the A3 or A5 instead.

Best Power Banks


A3 comes with 10,000 mAh and can charge an average phone 3 times. If you use phones with bigger batteries, get the A5. It comes with 16,750 mAh and is approved by the member of the Titan Airways.

Oh, and the cool thing about all the models listed so far is that your phone will automatically charge without turning anything on if you connect it. That way, you won't have your phone plugged in only to realize you forgot to turn on the power bank.

Best Power Bank to Buy in 2018 for Power Hungry Users

Going to a party with friends? On a trip to the mountains? Have several friends that with you, and their phones always run out of battery? Have a camera to charge? Perhaps a laptop on your flight? Yeah, that’s the thing about the A8 QC, it can do whatever you need to do. It just fits in terms of being allowed on airplanes. It’s a beast that will charge anything you throw at it, plus more.

Best Power Banks

This is the device you would love to have if you get lost in the middle of nowhere. It’s the device that your friends will love you for having when camping. The best part? It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 so if you ever need to charge your device fast, you can.

Be selfish with it and have power during your four-day weekend break. Or share, share the power with your friends. That’s your call.

Best Power Bank to Buy in 2018 for Quick Charging

What if you could charge several devices all at their top charging speed possible? While also charging your earbuds that require less energy without damaging them? Our new X6 is a revolutionary power bank. No more guessing, a LED screen will tell you how much charge you actually have. 

Best Power Banks

Charging all of your devices in the fastest way possible is revolutionary, but X6 also charges in 3 hours. The fastest in the industry for that size. Our Indiegogo campaign that launched recently has reached 300% of our goal already. Join it, to get your X6 for less than when it launches. Also, check out the post about the X6 to find out more about it.


As you see, there's no perfect power bank until you know what you want, but once you do, you can find something that will suit your needs. Which will you choose? 

Written by Michael Smolski.

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